"I've worked with Loop Out Loud on several projects, and I would highly recommend their services. Sue is amazing at casting and always brings the best group of talent with her. She is great at running a room, and really adapts to whatever needs you're looking for in a scene.

Loop Out Loud is very professional with many years of experience and it shows. You see the passion and joy looping brings to everyone involved and Sue is the kindest person you'll ever meet. Loop Out Loud does not disappoint.

Danika Wikke Supervising Sound Editor & Academy® Member

From the first time I’ve worked with Sue, I knew it doesn’t get any better than this. She is a undeniable giant as a actress with a massively impressive tool box of voices, and her talent taste with voice is second to none.

Her voice matching with “A” list celebrities is 2nd to none. Her overall talent and what she brings to the game always receives praise from every filmmaker we have worked with, making me look better than I am. Thank you Super Sue!

Chris Jargo Dialogue/ADR Supervisor & Academy® Member

When I met you three years ago, I fell in love with your character, integrity and dedication to your craft. I was very grateful that you possessed the perfect combination of being highly skilled at your craft and on point professionally.

How you harness your charisma to demonstrate your dominance over a room, how you create a feeling of trustworthiness, and loyalty with each session, and how you hire on point and accurately for each project.

Your solid work ethic is only matched by your warm and hospitable nature and you’re instrumental in providing what was needed to the fullest sound job possible.

You were always very much in tune with what I wanted to achieve in each project we did together. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.

Erin Oakley Supervising Sound Editor & Academy® Member

Sue is always my first call when voice casting. There is no foreign language that is too obscure, group of children that is too large, or voice match too specific for Sue to handle. Her resources are deep from decades in the ADR business so her loop group is always an assembly of the finest actors in our business. I find Directors and Sound Supervisors alike walk away immensely satisfied from her sessions.

Lisa Dennis Post Production Supervisor

I’ve had the honor of working with Sue and observing her talent on both sides of the glass. Not only is she a versatile actor and phenomenal director, but she has a warmth and spirit that can brighten a room (or ADR stage). With her comprehensive background in looping and performing, she is able to communicate in a language that resonates with actors and carries their performances to another level.

I’ve watched her voice a vast array of unique characters behind the mic. I’ve watched her in her director’s cap conducting rooms full of actors, bringing pages of scripts to life. I’ve watched her teach kids and adults, beginners to advanced, how to find their voice, build their confidence, and enhance their skills through The Voiceover Connection.

Sue is devoted, compassionate, professional, creative, and fun; and I’ve never seen anyone’s research better organized than hers with post-it notes of every color. When you’re in Sue’s presence, one thing’s for certain, you are bound to LOL!

Lindsay Halper Casting Director

“No matter what parameters dictate my looping needs, Sue has come through time and time again with a diversely cast group that meets those needs entirely.

Her ability to organize and lead groups tailored to vastly different projects has become a crucial asset when I am mapping out a post plan. She is also a pleasure to work with. When it’s time to schedule a group, Sue is my first call.”

Jason Tobias Post Production Supervisor

I have worked with Loop Out Loud on numerous projects and cannot recommend Sue enough! She constantly finds new ways to impress with her resourcefulness and professionalism.

Regardless of how challenging a project may be, I can always count on her to get the job done right. Her brilliance for casting and voice direction has proven to be an invaluable asset to my productions.

Nancy Kirhoffer Post Production Producer

Sue Boyajian and Loop Out Loud are the best in the business. Sue has been my “go-to" person for Group ADR and Voice Casting. She is incredibly versatile, on point, and among the most talented in improvisation.

I will always recommend her and Loop Out Loud for all of my projects, I know I will get top notch results.

Harrison Meyle Supervising Sound Editor

Sue Boyajian is a bright shining star. She has an incredible talent for connecting with people, which is such an important tool for the work we do together. Her ability to connect with people enables her to build a fantastic pool of talent for casting, as well as stay in tune with the needs of her clients and what each project requires to excel.

Sue is such a pleasure to work with. She has high energy, and is extremely enthusiastic about her work. I gravitate toward people that have a passion for their craft and Sue is no exception. Her love for her work is palpable, and that in itself is magic. Sue and I have worked together on many projects over the last several years. I always have very high expectations and I can always count on her and Loop Out Loud to deliver the highest caliber of work.

Trevor Gates Supervising Sound Editor

Sue provided me with not only numerous voice match options, she delivered large groups of actors for loop group that were talented and versatile with boundless energy and enthusiasm. No matter how relentless my pace was or how energetic I needed the actors to be, they delivered the performance I wanted take after take after take. It did not matter how goofy or unusual my requests were, Sue and her actors completely committed to the performance, making sure I was happy.

Sue kept me in the loop with constant updates on casting. She would frequently ask questions about my needs and preferences. She had our 8 hour days completely mapped out for every single cue. Sue would go over the entire day with me the day before the actual session, planning out the pace and the direction for every scene.

With voice matches, no deadline was too short for Sue. If absolutely needed, she could provide me with auditions within a few hours, even in multiple languages.

With Sue, I know that all my additional voice needs will exceed my expectations. More importantly, I also know that the recording session will be fun!

David Butler Supervising Dialogue/ADR Editor

I worked with Sue and Loop Out Loud on "Clifford, The Big Red Dog" and had a remarkable experience. She's exceptionally reliable, energetic, prepared and her casting is the best I have previously experienced in the industry! I can always count on her to go above and beyond with the excellent voice actors she casts, and employ the precision required relative to the film’s particular needs. She handles challenges with the utmost professionalism and does her homework. Sue's positive energy is contagious and her excitement with every project is a joy to experience. I look forward to working with her again and again!

Jordan Kerner, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Producer

The moment I met Sue, I had a feeling I met someone special and extremely talented. She has the energy and personality of a giant. Her voice matching is second to none, and she knows actors better than anyone. No matter how obscure my request might be, she can find the voices and make it happen. I appreciate all the care she puts into pre-production, taking the time to fully understand the needs of the project, and what I’m trying to achieve. While controlling the room with a gentle and warm approach, she provides a safe space for the voice actors to perform from the depths of their hearts and soul. I have never walked out of a session with chills until working with her because I knew we recorded exactly what was needed. Since working with Sue, I have had several clients comment that the group elevated their project beyond what they could have imagined. Anyone lucky enough to work with her will tell you she’s the absolute best.

Mandell Winter Supervising Sound Editor & Academy® Member